The John Thomson song

A young lad named John Thomson, From the west of Fife he came, To play for Glasgow Celtic, And to build himself a name. On the fifth day of September, Against the Rangers club he played, From defeat he saved the Celtic, Ah but what a price he paid. The ball rolled from the centre, Young John ran out and dived, The ball rolled by ; young John lay still, For his club this hero died. I took a trip to Parkhead, To the dear old Paradise, And as the players came out, Sure the tears fell from my eyes. For a famous face was missing, From the green and white brigade, And they told me Johnny Thomson, His last game he had played. Farewell my darling Johnny, Prince of players we must part, No more we’ll stand and cheer you, On the slopes of Celtic Park. Now the fans they all are silent, As they travel near and far, No more they’ll cheer John Thomson, Our bright and shining star. So come all you Glasgow Celtic, Stand up and play the game, For between your posts there stands a ghost, Johnny Thomson is his name.
25th may
Jimmy Jimmy Johnstone on the ball…

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