The coronation cup

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Said Lizzie to Phillip as they sat down to dine,

I’ve just had a note from an old friend of mine,

His name is ’Big Geordie’ he’s loyal and true,

And his dirty big nose is a light shade of blue.

He says that the Rangers are right on their game,

And ask for a trophy to add to their fame,

I’ll send up a cup that the Rangers can win,

Said Phillip to Liz watch the Celts don’t step in.

Said Lizzie to Phillip they don’t stand a chance,

I’ll send up my Gunners to lead them a dance,

With Celtic defeated the way will be clear,

A cup for the Rangers in my crowning year.

But alas for their hopes for the loyal true blues,

The Celts beat the Gunners and Manchester too,

Beat Hibs in the final and oh what a scene,

Sure Hampden was covered in banners of green.

Said Lizzie to Phillip when she heard the grim news,

A blow has been struck at our loyal true blues,

Oh tell me dear Phillip and you ought to know,

How to keep Glasgow Celtic defeated below.

Said Phillip to Lizzie there’s only one way,

I’ve known of their secret for many a day,

To keep the Celts down you will have to deport,

The whole Fenian army that gives them support.

25th may
Jimmy Jimmy Johnstone on the ball…

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